Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors in Dublin?

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors in Dublin

Isn’t it irritating when your pet pees on your favorite carpet? The smell is horrible and makes your living condition worse.  So, you start wondering, will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

Yes! Professional carpet cleaning will remove pet odors from your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners in Dublin use special cleaning agents and methods that clear pet urine thoroughly. You won’t find any trace of urine or smell!

Are you curious to learn how they do it? Read the article till the end to find out how professional carpet cleaners in Dublin remove the pet smell.

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

Yes, professional carpet cleaning effectively removes dirt, dust, debris, stains, and pet smells from the carpet. It almost looks as if the carpet is brand new!

Professional cleaning works so well because professional cleaners use high-grade industrial cleaning equipment. Your carpet is bound to look and smell fresh when high-quality cleaning agents are used. 

Moreover, professional carpet cleaners are well-trained and experienced. So, they can clean the carpet in a detailed way that a DIY cleaner would’ve missed. 

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Cat Urine Smell?

Yes, professional carpet cleaning will especially remove cat urine smell. Cat pee can get underneath the carpet which makes the smell so pungent. Professional carpet cleaners use shampooing and steam cleaning methods which clean the carpet to the core. 

Does Steam Cleaning Carpets Get Rid Of Dog Smell?

Yes, steam cleaning carpets get rid of dog smell as well. It eliminates 99% of the bacteria lingering in the air due to dog waste. However, you must use an odor neutralizer in addition to steam cleaning for better results. 

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method For Pet Urine

Well, cleaning pet urine from a carpet requires special skills. As urine gets dried, the odor molecules still remain in the carpet. It causes to stink the whole area. 

So, it’s essential to apply professional carpet cleaning methods to completely wipe off the urine. Here’s the best professional carpet cleaning method for pet urine explained below. 

  • First, you have to spot the urine. Spray some peroxide all over the carpet.
  • As soon as you see bubbles foaming on some spots, you’ll mark them as urine spots.
  • Now, apply some more peroxide on the spots to completely kill the urine salts and bacteria.
  • You can also avoid peroxide and use a safe homemade cleaning solution. Make a mixture of baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and white vinegar and spread it on the pet urinated spots.
  • If the urine smell is dominant, use a commercial pet urine odor removal cleaner in the next step. 
  • Finally, apply shampooing or steam cleaning methods to remove the stains from the carpet thoroughly. 

Cleaning Tip: If you’re using any commercial cleaning agents, it’s best to test the effectiveness by applying it to a small portion of the carpet. This will prevent any unwanted bleaches because not matching the pH level. 

Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method For Pet Urine

What Equipment and Products Do Professional Carpet Cleaners Use?

Professional carpet cleaners near me use specialized equipment and products. They use vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, defoamers, air scrubbers, carpet wands, air movers, and water hoses. These equipment are all commercially used to get each pint of stain out of your carpet. 

For removing pet urine smells or any foul odor, professional cleaners use special enzymatic cleaners. These cleaners break down each component of uric acid and kill the odor-causing bacteria. 

Moreover, they use odor neutralizers and carpet shampoo to completely eliminate any bad odor from the carpet.  

How Do Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies Work in Dublin?

There are numerous professional carpet cleaning companies with effective carpet cleaning methods in Dublin. They can have differences in their approach. But the core cleaning idealogy is almost the same for every cleaning company.

Here is a step-by-step approach to how professional carpet cleaning companies work in Dublin- 

  • Step 1: Carpet Inspection

First, the cleaning company starts by inspecting the carpet thoroughly. In this step, the cleaners assess the type of carpet, level of soiling, and stain difficulties. Based on these data, the carpet cleaning crew suggests a few cleaning methods. 

  • Step 2: Cleaning Method Selection

After the initial assessment is done, the carpet cleaners test the pH balance of the carpet with the suggested cleaning methods. Then, based on the results, they select the best cleaning method for your carpet. 

  • Step 3: Vacuum and Spray Treatment

In the next step, the carpet cleaning crew vacuums the whole carpet. Vacuuming takes out all the dirt and debris and completes the initial cleaning phase. 

After that, they spray strong carpet cleaning agents on the highly stained areas. The spray acts as a pre-treatment for the sturdy stains. 

  • Step 4: Deep Cleaning the Carpet

When the stains start lifting from the carpet seams and material, the cleaners start deep cleaning. They use shampoo or steam cleaning methods according to the cleaning needs. They spray odor-neutralizing cleaning agents so that your carpet smells fresh as well.

Note: Deep cleaning of your carpet is necessary even if your pet doesn’t urinate on the carpet. If you want to learn how often to deep clean carpets, check out our latest article

  • Step 5: Wash and Dry the Carpet

In this step, the cleaners wash the carpet with clean water. They repeat the process until the carpet is fully cleaned. Finally, they use professional air movers to dry the carpet completely. 

How Do Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies Work in Dublin?

How to Keep Your Carpet Smell Better All Time?

While professional carpet cleaning can provide you with a fresh carpet smell, it’s expensive to hire professional cleaners every day. What you can do is, apply some DIY tactics to keep your carpet smell better all the time.

Here are some tips that’ll help to deodorize your carpet every time it gets smelly.

  • Vacuum your carpet at least 2x per week to avoid any dirt or dust buildup.
  • Ventilate the carpet area at least once per day so that any odor gets ventilated.
  • Make a white vinegar-water solution (3:1) and spray it on the carpet. Then, blot the wet areas with a paper towel to remove access water.
  • You can also sprinkle baking soda on your carpet to deodorize your carpet. Keep it for 30 minutes and then vacuum it. Your carpet will smell fresh and clean. 
  • You can also mix essential oils with baking powder to make the scent more nice and clean. 

Calling Experts to Provide Your Carpets with a Fresh Press!

So, whenever your carpet smells really bad from urine stains, it’s best to call the experts! You must hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Dublin that won’t leave any unfinished tasks for you. 

At Pure Deep Cleaning we not only clean carpets diligently, but also inspect the cleaning process at the end. A cleaning inspector will ensure your carpet cleaning needs have been met properly.

We also provide carpet cleaning at affordable prices too. If you want to check prices for your carpet cleaning, ask for a quote through Pure Deep Cleaning’s website. You’ll get contacted within minutes! 


  • How Much Does It Cost To Remove Pet Odor From Carpet?

It costs around €0.20 per square foot to remove pet odor from the carpet. The price can vary depending on the cleaning difficulty. 

  • How Long Does It Take For Baking Soda To Remove Odor?

It takes from 3-4 hours for baking soda to remove odor. If you have time, it’s best to keep baking soda overnight to remove the pungent smell from carpets. 

  • How Long Does It Take For Carpet To Stop Smelling After Cleaning?

It takes approximately 2 days for the carpet to stop smelling after cleaning. But if the carpet is in a ventilated space and dries quickly, the odor will fade faster. 

Final Words

So, will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors? Definitely yes! Now, don’t forget to maintain your carpets after professionally cleaning them. And the best way to protect your carpet is to train your pets. Potty train your pets or don’t let them near the carpet. This will help you to keep your carpet clean in the long term.

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