Best Professional House Cleaning Tips & Tricks in Dublin

Best Professional House Cleaning Tips Tricks in Dublin

Ever wondered how houses look perfect after professional cleaners clean them? You also clean the house but it never resembles the pros. What’s their secret? Well, in this article, we’ll uncover all the professional house cleaning tips tricks that trained cleaners use. You’ll get to learn all the cheeky tactics that not only will clean your house but will gleam with beauty. So, read along to find out the ways to make your house shine!

What Professional House Cleaning Tips Tricks You Must Follow?

Cleaning your house gets easy with professional tactics. Here’s a how-to-clean a house professionally checklist that will transform the look of your house.

Choosing the Correct Cleaning Supplies

Getting a hold of your cleaning supplies correctly will help you to clean like a pro. First of all, you need to straighten out what cleaning tools and equipment you need. It depends on the area you’re cleaning and the difficulty of griminess. 

Use a caddy to keep all the cleaning supplies together when you’re cleaning room by room. This will eliminate any additional time searching each tool when needed. Let us give you another professional house-cleaning hack. Don’t throw away your old toothbrushes. Use them to remove dirt and grim from hard-to-reach areas.

When Should You Call a Professional Cleaner

Cleaning in a Specific Order

Maintaining a cleaning order will also get you ahead in cleaning your house like a professional cleaner. Start by decluttering your items and then dust the space. Make sure to use a long-handled bendable duster for cleaning lights, ceilings, and high areas. 

Eventually, vacuum and mop the area so that it looks squeaky clean. If you have hardwood floors, you shouldn’t avoid mopping as it’ll look dirty otherwise. This is one of the best professional house cleaning tips tricks that pros use.

Now, in case you don’t miss any spot, clean your house in a clockwise motion. To ensure you don’t get your room dirty again, you should clean from top to bottom and back to the front of the room.  

Simplifying Cleaning Products

Well, now we’ll share secrets about saving money on professional cleaning products. Though you’ll see multiple cleaning items in stores now, you don’t need to buy them for every task. You can use household products as effective yet cheaper substitutes for store-bought products. It’s a great addition to your professional house cleaning tips tricks list.

For example, use vinegar to clean greasy stained areas. For greasy shower hoses, apply dish soap or Comet powder on the oily area and scrub it. This will help to cut the oils generated from your soap and shampoo. 

Treating Hard Water Deposits

For using professional house cleaning tips tricks in the bathroom, you can use vinegar. It works wonderfully in treating hard water deposits. Whenever you see crusty junk in your bathroom or kitchen, you can use vinegar to clean them. These areas include glass, toilets, sinks, and even furniture.

Simply sprinkle a few quarts of white vinegar on top of the rusty area and let it sit for a while. Then, scrub the spot and you’ll see all the rust coming off. This is especially a professional cleaning tip for bathrooms.

For stubborn grime, you should submerge the fixture in a vinegar-filled plastic bag. This will remove stains due to their acidic nature. So, you can use vinegar instead of separate cleaning products for different cleaning needs.

Cleaning Appliances

Professional cleaners in Dublin and Wicklow use all-purpose cleaning solutions to clean most of the appliances in a home. But remember, the technique varies depending on the appliance you’re cleaning. Here are a few housekeeper tips and tricks on how to clean your appliances quickly and efficiently.

A quick professional house cleaning tips tricks for a microwave is to place a bowl filled with water, vinegar, and citrus mixture inside. Heat the solution for 3-4 minutes and keep it closed for several minutes after boiling. Once the microwave is filled with steam, take a microfiber cloth and wipe out the elbow grease.

Similarly, wipe the inside and outside of your refrigerator using lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth. Wipe and clean top to bottom of other home appliances like water heater, cabinets, baseboards, water softener, and toaster. 

Deep Cleaning Hacks

If you want to deep clean like professional house cleaners in Kildare, you have to clean every corner of your house. You should use vinegar and baking soda paste to remove any hard stains from utensils, appliances, bathroom, and kitchen fittings.

Clean floor and ceiling vents in a dishwasher to disinfect them entirely. If you want to make your stainless steel appliances and utensils shiny, you can wipe them with a few drops of olive oil at the end. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to avoid any scratching issues.  

Organizing Tips and Tricks

Here are some speed cleaning tips from professional cleaners. Organizing your cleaning chores can help you clean faster, better, and more efficiently than you normally would. The first professional house cleaning tips tricks is to keep all the necessary tools in hand before you start cleaning.

Start with chores that require presoaking. For example, you can start by spraying vinegar or soda mix solution on greasy spots and let them sit. Meanwhile, you can clean other areas that don’t require any wait time. This way, you’ll be able to save time and energy.  

Establishing a Cleaning Routine

Finally, a cleaning routine will help you to avoid any build-ups regularly. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe any dirt and loose dust from surfaces and appliances daily. Scrub the tiles of your bathroom and kitchen every day. 

Moreover, have a bi-weekly and weekly cleaning routine so that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with cleaning chores all the time.   

Call a Professional Cleaner for house clean

When Should You Call a Professional Cleaner?

While you can clean your home with professional house cleaning tips tricks, sometimes a professional cleaner can be essential. Especially, when you don’t have time or the energy to clean.

You should also call a professional cleaner for difficult cleaning tasks like while guests are coming or you’re moving out. Also, professional house cleaners in Dublin use high-end industrial equipment that can transform your home from mediocre to squeaky clean.

At Pure Deep Cleaning, we have trained house cleaners specializing in different cleaning services. So, if you want to add a professional touch to your cleaning routine, contact Pure Deep Cleaning. We’re just a call away! 


Hopefully, this article helped you learn professional house cleaning tips tricks. You should maintain each of the tips diligently so that you can enjoy a fresh environment every day. It’s also okay if you want to take a day off and outsource your cleaning needs to the professionals. There are excellent affordable cleaning companies in Dublin. So, Happy Cleaning!

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