Best Tips on How To Clean Your Stairs Carpet in Dublin

how to clean your stairs carpet

The stairs carpets get the least attention among all of your carpets. But they need deep cleaning more than any other carpet as they’re used often. So, how to clean your stairs carpet?

To clean your stairs carpet, you need to dust off the loose dirt and vacuum them regularly. If your carpet is moderately dirty, use carpet shampoo and scrub the dirt off. In case you have sturdy stains, you must opt for steam carpet cleaning or professional carpet cleaning.

All of these methods are described in this article along with their cleaning difficulty. Keep reading to find out how you can revamp your stair carpets again!

Understanding Stairs Carpet Cleaning Difficulty and Recommended Solution

Before heading toward stair carpet cleaning, you need to understand the level of soil your carpet has. Depending on the soiling and filth, the cleaning difficulty will differ; so does the cleaning methods. 

Here’s a snapshot of how to clean your stairs carpet with each type of cleaning difficulty.

Soiling Level Cleaning Difficulty Recommended Cleaning Method
Dirt, dust, debris, and hair Easy Dusting
Stains and soiling Moderate Carpet Shampooing
Accumulated dirt and debris Moderate Vacuuming and Shampooing
Deeply ingrained dirt and pet hair Difficult Steam Cleaning
Deeply embedded filth and mold formation Difficult Professional Carpet Cleaning

So, let’s dive into why you should consider these cleaning methods depending on the difficulties. 

When you only have dirt and dust on your carpet, you can get rid of them by dusting. You only need a soft-bristled brush or a broom to dust off any dirt particles from the carpet.

But if there are stains and soiling, how to clean your stairs carpet? In this case, you must shampoo your carpet. Apply a dash of carpet shampoo on the stains and scrub them with a brush. Finally, rinse them with clean water and air dry.

Now, in case it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your carpet, it can accumulate dirt and dust. You must pair shampooing with vacuuming to make your carpet sparkle again. 

Remember to vacuum the carpet with a carpet cleaner machine before shampooing with your hands. Moreover, air dry the clean damp carpet for 12 hours so that it completely dries and doesn’t have a damp smell.

It becomes more difficult to clean a stair carpet for pet owners. Pet hairs can get deeply ingrained like accumulated dirt and dust. In this case, steam cleaning does wonders. It also helps to prolong the life of your carpet.  

But it gets out of hand when molds starts forming in your carpet. In this stage, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company for deep cleaning. They’ll get every corner of your stair carpet clean. 

How To Clean Your Stairs Carpet Dublin?

How To Clean Your Stairs Carpet Dublin?

Now, let’s move on to the cleaning methods in detail! Here are the top 5 methods on how to clean your stairs carpet in Dublin.

  • Method 1: Brushing Off Dust

You must brush off the loose dirt and dust particles from the carpet. Use a brush or a broom for regular cleaning. You should also use a dustpan to collect the dust while brooming the area. 

  • Method 2: Vacuuming Carpet

To make regular cleaning more effective, you should vacuum the carpet on the stairs. It’s best to use cordless vacuum machines to clean without any restrictions. Vacuuming is also an essential step when you’re deep cleaning your stair carpet. 

  • Method 3: Shampooing Carpet

When you have stains, you need to shampoo the carpet. All you have to do is mix the carpet shampoo with water as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Then, pour some mixture on top of the stains. Lightly scrub the area until all the stains come off. Finally, blot paper towels on the spots and dry the stair carpet. 

Caution: Don’t shampoo your wool stair carpets. It will destroy the texture of your carpet and reduce its longevity. 

  • Method 4: Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective for stubborn dirt. It’s done with a steam cleaner that uses hot water and cleaning agents to pull out all the embedded soiling. 

So, first, you have to vacuum the carpet to get rid of the loose dust. Then, apply a cleaning solution on the stair carpets and run the steam cleaner over them. The steam cleaner will clean the carpet penetrating the fibers deep. 

Once you’ve finished cleaning the carpet, leave the carpet open for 24 hours. It’ll help the carpets to dry. Make sure the carpet doesn’t have any water, otherwise, your carpet can get moldy.  

  • Method 5: White Vinegar Treatment

White vinegar works wonderfully against stair carpet dirt. This is a form of eco carpet cleaning. Simply, make a water-white vinegar solution by mixing them in 2:1. Then, fill the solution in a spray bottle and spray all over the stair carpet. Let the carpet soak the solution for 4-5 minutes.

Next, sprinkle some baking soda on top of the carpet-soaked area. Place a cloth or sponge over the vinegar-soaked carpet. Then, blot away the solution from the carpet. You must use a stiff brush to reach every corner of the stairs and work heavily.

Finally, wipe out all the excess water from the carpet and let it air dry properly. That’s a wrap for how to clean your stairs carpet like a pro!

How Often Should You Clean Stairs Carpet?

You should regularly vacuum the loose dirt from the stair carpet. However, the deep cleaning frequency will depend on the type of traffic. You’ll require more frequent cleaning in high-traffic stairs than in low-traffic areas. 

For example, the stair leading to a hallway or the dining room needs to be cleaned every 6 to 9 months. This is because this stair is used the most. So, dirt and dust accumulate fast on this stair carpet. 

However, if you don’t have too many footsteps on the stairs, you can deep clean the carpet every 12 months. 

Well, the cleaning frequency changes if there are pets at home. Your cleaning process will also change in that case. If you have a pet, check out this article to learn how to professionally clean carpets to remove pet odors.

For professional carpet cleaning, you should clean carpets through a professional carpet cleaning service every 12-18 months.    

How Often Should You Clean Stairs Carpet?

When to Contact a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

While professional carpet cleaning is mandatory every once in a while, there are certain times when you must contact them. For example, if you have any sturdy stains on the carpet, you must call professional cleaners.

Carpet cleaners in Dublin and North Dublin also deodorize carpets. So, whenever you smell any unpleasant odor from the carpet, you should hire a carpet cleaning service.

Sometimes, your family can get allergic reactions when the carpet is extremely dirty. Severe dirt and dust accumulation can also change the color of your carpet. When you notice these signs, you should contact the professionals. 

If you’re confused about which cleaning professional service to contact, you can always call Pure Deep Cleaning. We provide special Carpet Cleaning Services that cover all types of carpet cleaning. Our prices are affordable for your budget and we leave every customer satisfied.

Final Words

By the end of this article, you’re probably cleared now how to clean your stairs carpet. It’s not too hard but sturdy stains will always require professional cleaning. Hopefully, this article was enough to learn about different kinds of stair carpet cleaning methods. Try them yourself, or contact Pure Deep Cleaning for the best cleaning service!


  • How Do You Clean Stair Treads?

You should take out the stair treads and vacuum them at least once a week. This will help to remove all the dirt and debris accumulated in the stair treads. 

  • What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpeted Stairs?

Using a commercial carpet shampoo to clean the carpeted stairs is the best way. You can scrub off the stains and sturdy dirt accumulation with this method. 

  • How Do I Keep My Carpeted Stairs Clean?

To keep your stairs clean, you have to brush off the loose dirt from your stairs 2x a day. Then, vacuum the area to keep the carpeted stairs free from any dust accumulation.

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