How To Clean A Fan Assisted Oven in Dublin | The Easy Way

How To Clean A Fan Assisted Oven in Dublin

Fan-assisted ovens usually get dirt with food spills, grime, grease, and dirt build-up. The fan circulates hot air while grilling or cooking. This is the reason the dirt gets stuck and stained inside the oven. This brings us to the ultimate question, how to clean a fan assisted oven in Dublin?

Well, to clean a fan-assisted oven, you must know how to clean each component with care. Keep reading the article to find out the exact steps on how to do that. You’ll be able to get a comprehensive oven cleaning overview from this article.

How To Clean A Fan-Assisted Oven in Dublin?

Cleaning a fan-assisted oven isn’t as hard as it sounds. But you must be careful in cleaning each part of the oven. In this section, we’ll explain how to clean a fan assisted oven in Dublin with step-by-step guidelines.

  • Preparing the Oven for Deep Cleaning

First of all, you must ensure the oven is fully cooled down. There shouldn’t be any food or utensils inside it. This is just for your safety so you don’t get burns while cleaning the oven. Remove the oven racks and trays for separate cleaning. 

  • Turning On the Self-Cleaning Feature [Not Necessary]

If you have a modern oven with a self-cleaning feature, you can use it to remove all the hard stains from the oven. This feature uses extreme temperatures to melt down the dirt and grease inside your oven. 

Though it’s easier to clean with a self-cleaning feature, it can be harmful. The smoke produced can harm you if it gets out of the oven somehow. That’s why it’s recommended to keep the oven door closed for at least 4 hours as the fume is produced inside. 

After that, you only need to wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth. And your oven will become sparkly clean!

If you don’t have the self-cleaning feature in your oven, you can also clean it with homemade ingredients. 

Tips to Remember While Cleaning a Fan-Assisted Oven

  • Cleaning Each Part of the Oven

So, in this step of how to clean a fan assisted oven, place a large bowl full of white vinegar and water solution inside the oven. Then, turn on the oven setting it at the highest temperature, preferably at 450°F (232C) for 30-60 minutes. As the solution keeps vaporing inside the oven, it’ll loosen the dirt inside.

Now, you’ll have to prepare a cleaning paste or mixture for cleaning different parts of the oven. Dissemble the parts that can be cleaned separately. Now, follow the table below to make each part of the oven squeaky clean.


Fan-Assisted Oven Parts


Oven-Cleaning Methods

Surface and roof of the oven


Use an enamel cleaning solution and gently scrub the oven. Finally, wipe off with a damp cloth. 

Oven Racks

Aluminum, nickel-plated steel wire, stainless steel, or heavy-duty stainless steel. 

Soak them in dishwashing soap and vinegar mixture in the sink. You can also use a commercial cleaning solution depending on the material. Leave them overnight and clean them with warm water afterward. 

Control Knobs and Handles

Plastic or Chrome

Use warm soapy water and gently wipe them until they are cleaned.

Oven Door


Sprinkle baking soda and vinegar solution all over the glass. Lightly scrub with a non-abrasive foam. Then, wipe the residue with a clean damp cloth. 

Inside the Oven

Enamel, or Metal

Make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar. Apply them on the sturdy brown stains and leave them for over 20 minutes. Scrape off the dirt and wipe with a microfiber damp cloth.



Unscrew the fan from the oven carefully. Dip the fan blades in a cleaning solution bowl. Clean the blades with a damp cloth. Dry them completely and finally screw them back in the oven.  


That’s how to clean a fan assisted oven! Now, even if you know how to clean the fan in your oven, we recommend not to clean it yourself. It could harm your oven and you if not cleaned with caution. That’s why, it’s best to leave it up to the professional oven cleaning services.

At Pure Deep Cleaning, we not only clean fans in the oven but also provide full deep cleaning services. You can check out our website to find more affordable house cleaning services like oven cleaning.  

Tips to Remember While Cleaning a Fan-Assisted Oven

Well, before you start cleaning the oven, you must keep the following tips in mind- 

  • Wear safety gear like gloves, a face mask, and goggles to avoid any unwanted accidents.
  • Keep children and pets away from the cleaning area.
  • Make sure you’ve read the manual of your oven to prevent any damage.
  • Use a non-abrasive technique while cleaning delicate components like glass.
  • Start cleaning the oven only when it’s completely cooled down. 

When Should You Hire a Professional Oven Cleaning Service

When Should You Hire a Professional Oven Cleaning Service?

It can be tough to clean an oven if you don’t have expertise in oven cleaning. Moreover, you need to work with cleaning solutions that can impose health concerns and allergic reactions. If you are worried about these matters or don’t have the time, you should hire a professional oven cleaning service. 

Services like Pure Deep Cleaning clean ovens with industrial-grade eco-friendly cleaning solutions. They clean every part of the oven separately so that there’s no spot left uncleaned. It’s actually pretty beneficial when you have stains in your oven that’s hard to remove.  


Hopefully, you have a full understanding of how to clean a fan assisted oven now. Using this blog, you can solve your regular oven cleaning problems. And if the problems are severe, you can always count on a professional cleaning service in Dublin.

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