Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Remove Stains in Dublin?

Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Remove Stains in Dublin

Stains on the carpet are a nightmare for all of us who live in Dublin. If you’ve left a stain on yours and are scratching your head about what to do right now, look no further.  We have come up with an answer to your burning question: does steam cleaning carpet remove stains Dublin?

Yes, steam cleaning carpets removes most stains in Dublin. The heat from the steam cleaner lifts up the dirt and eliminates any odor-causing bacteria. You can either clean the carpet by yourself or get it cleaned by a popular cleaning service nearby.

We know that answer wasn’t enough, so we’ll head right into the heart of the matter.

Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Remove Stains?

Yes, steam cleaning the carpet removes mold and viruses. The reason steam cleaning is so effective is due to the high heat, pressure, and moisture. 

These three work in tandem to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and any mold in the carpet. Additionally, it will kill any dust mites in the carpet and remove any dead skin cells. So, it works as a sanitizing agent as well. Moreover, steam cleaning removes odor because it kills the bacteria.

Additionally, the success of the cleaning depends on the kind of stain and its removal difficulty. We’ve covered that part for you.

Types of Carpet Stains and Removal Difficulty

The most common types of carpet stains are wine stains, coffee stains, pet stains, and cooking oil stains. Their removal difficulties range from medium to very hard.
Here’s a quick list of the stains and their removal difficulty so you know which one you should prioritize. 

Stains Difficulty
Blood Stain Very Hard
Vomit Stain Very Hard
Pet Stain (Urine) Hard
Wine Stain (Especially Red Wine) Very Hard
Cooking Oil Stain Hard
Coffee Stain Medium
Ink Stain Medium

These are some of the most common stains we unfortunately have to face in our daily lives. 

How to Steam Clean Carpet Stains in Dublin?

If you want to steam clean the carpets yourself, we’ve included an easy-to-follow guide to do it.

How to Steam Clean Carpet Stains in Dublin?

  • Preparation Phase

There are a few steps you must take before actually getting to the steam cleaning part. 

  • Firstly, you have to prepare the room by moving out the furniture, leaving only the carpet inside. 
  • Then, you must clean the room and the carpet thoroughly of any dust or contaminants with a vacuum cleaner before pretreating your carpet. 
  • To pretreat your carpet, simply spray your favorite stain remover on it.

That concludes the early preparation. Now, it’s time for you to collect the supplies necessary to get started on the cleaning. 

  • Supply Collection

The most essential supplies for steam cleaning a carpet are the steam cleaner and the proper cleaning solution, depending on the stain. 

Firstly, buy a dry upright steam cleaning machine if you do not already have one. We recommend the ones from Wagner Spraytech. Otherwise, the Shark steam mop is effective for steam cleaning carpets as well.

Then, you have to get a cleaning solution for your carpet depending on the kind of stain you have.

Let’s say your pet peed on your carpet; in that case, you have to order a relevant cleaning solution from Wipeout. If your carpet still smells like pet urine, you should use an odor remover. This article will help you with what you need. 

Additionally, if you have some lying around, you can use white vinegar to steam clean carpets. Simply pour it into the steam machine for it to work.

Once you have collected all the supplies you need, it’s time to prepare your steam cleaning machine with the solution.

  • Preparing The Steam Cleaning Machine

Preparing your steam cleaning machine for carpet cleaning is rather simple; the steps are as follows-

  • Make sure your steam cleaning machine is a dry cleaning machine, as that is more effective against stains on the carpet. 
  • Then, you should not use a handheld steam cleaning machine as those are typically not very powerful. 
  • To prepare your cleaning machine, simply pour your cleaning solution into the container. Your cleaning solution should depend on the kind of stain you plan on removing. I.e., there are specific solutions for pet urine, grease, etc.  
  • Additionally, you can use a steam mop carpet glider to minimize the moisture escape to make the drying process easier.

Now your steam cleaning machine is prepared. All you need to do is just turn it on and let it heat up for a few minutes before it starts to let out the steam. Now you’re ready to clean! 

  • Cleaning Method

Hold the trigger and clean the areas you want to clean on your carpet; make sure to do it without missing a spot. However, do not clean the same spot for more than 4-5 times. That will oversaturate the spot and can damage your carpet, so be very careful in the process. 

After you’re done with the cleaning, you have to wait for the carpet to dry. Depending on how wide your carpet is, it might take several hours. After your carpet is dry, move your furniture back in, and you’re good to go with your stainless, clean carpet. 

Now, if you’re cleaning your house in the process, we’ve got some nifty tricks to make cleaning the home easier for you. 

Alternative Carpet Cleaning Methods

The best alternative carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction, followed by dry carpet cleaning. Simply shampooing your carpet is a viable carpet cleaning method as well. 

Hot water extraction ranks the highest among these cleaning methods due to how thoroughly it cleans the carpet. It’s a popular method in Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow. However, it is just as tricky as it is thorough, so it is better to leave this one to the professionals. 

Speaking of professionals, we have the best steam carpet cleaners in the market if you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning the carpet yourself. We’ll share a little information about that service for your convenience. 

Alternative Carpet Cleaning Methods in Dublin

Top Steam Carpet Cleaning Company in Dublin

The best steam carpet cleaning company in Dublin is Pure Deep Cleaning. Pure Deep Cleaning offers the best steam carpet cleaning at an affordable price. 

Our professionals do the job meticulously with our tested steam cleaning carpets method. So, you can rest easy and leave your carpet in good hands. 

Additionally, steam carpet cleaning typically costs from €30 to around €100 per room, depending on the size and material of your carpet. 

For further details, you can contact us for our carpet cleaning service. We’ll respond as fast as we can (usually within minutes!) Additionally, If you decide to choose us to clean your carpet, you can book our service easily here.

That’ll be it from us for today. We’ll now answer a few frequently asked questions before concluding this article. 


By now, your squeaky clean carpet should answer the question: does steam cleaning carpet remove stains Dublin?. So, did you do it yourself, or did you get our professionals to do it? Let us know in the comments below. Till then, happy cleaning!


  • Does steam cleaning carpet remove odor?

Yes, Steam cleaning carpet removes odor. Specifically, steam cleaning carpet eliminates all the odor-producing bacteria in your carpet, hence eliminating the odor at its root. 

  • Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

Steam cleaning the carpet is much better than using shampoo to clean the carpet. While shampooing eliminates odors and stains, it is incapable of deep cleaning the carpet. Therefore, some of the more stubborn stains remain despite shampooing. 

  • Why is my carpet still dirty after steam cleaning?

Your carpet is still dirty after steam cleaning due to wicking. If your carpet is overly moisturized, stains may appear again, and your carpet can appear to be dirty still. Another reason is mold inside the padding of your carpet. It usually happens with carpets that are too old. 

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